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A new book on Image Restoration published!

Explore new techniques and applications of image restoration!

A volume in the Digital Imaging and Computer Vision series

Image Restoration:
Fundamentals and Advances

Edited by:
Bahadir K. Gunturk* and Xin Li**
*Louisiana Sate University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
**West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, September 2012
ISBN 978-1-4398-6955-0


Academic community (graduate student, post-doc and faculty) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics


Industrial community (engineers, engineering managers, and research lab staff)


This book responds to the need to update most existing references on the subject, many of which were published decades ago. Providing a broad overview of image restoration, it explores breakthroughs in related algorithm development and their role in supporting real-world applications associated with various scientific and engineering fields. These include astronomical imaging, photo editing, and medical imaging, to name just a few. The book examines how such advances can also lead to novel insights into the fundamental properties of image sources.

Addressing the many advances in imaging, computing, and communications technologies, Image Restoration: Fundamentals and Advances strikes just the right balance of coverage between core fundamental principles and the latest developments in this area. Its content was designed based on the idea that the reproducibility of published works on algorithms makes it easier for researchers to build on each otherís work, which often benefits the vitality of the technical community as a whole. For that reason, this book is as experimentally reproducible as possible. Topics covered include:


Image denoising and deblurring


Different image restoration methods and recent advances such as nonlocality and sparsity


Blind restoration under space-varying blur


Super-resolution restoration


Learning-based methods


Multi-spectral and color image restoration


New possibilities using hybrid imaging systems

Many existing references are scattered throughout the literature, and there is a significant gap between the cutting edge in image restoration and what we can learn from standard image processing textbooks. To fill that need but avoid a rehash of the many fine existing books on this subject, this reference focuses on algorithms rather than theories or applications. Giving readers access to a large amount of downloadable source code, the book illustrates fundamental techniques, key ideas developed over the years, and the state of the art in image restoration. It is a valuable resource for readers at all levels of understanding.


Details recent advances, latest techniques, algorithms, and solutions in image restoration


Presents a variety of image restoration applications


Explores research directions in image restoration


Contains numerous examples, illustrations, results, comparisons, and bibliography for further reading

Additional material is available at the companion web site www.colorimageprocessing.org.

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