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A new book on Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing published!

Explore new techniques and applications of visual cryptography!

A volume in the Digital Imaging and Computer Vision series

Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing

Edited by:
Stelvio Cimato* and Ching-Nung Yang**
*Universita degli studi di Milano, Italy
**National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, August 2011
ISBN 978-1-4398-3721-4


Academic community (graduate student, post-doc and faculty) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics


Industrial community (engineers, engineering managers, and research lab staff)


With rapid progress in Internet and digital imaging technology, there are more and more ways to easily create, publish, and distribute images. Considered the first book to focus on the relationship between digital imaging and privacy protection, Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing is a complete introduction to novel security methods and sharing-control mechanisms used to protect against unauthorized data access and secure dissemination of sensitive information.

Image data protection and image-based authentication techniques offer efficient solutions for controlling how private data and images are made available only to select people. Essential to the design of systems used to manage images that contain sensitive data - such as medical records, financial transactions, and electronic voting systems - the methods presented in this book are useful to counter traditional encryption techniques, which do not scale well and are less efficient when applied directly to image files.

An exploration of the most prominent topics in digital imaging security, this book discusses:

Potential for sharing multiple secrets


Visual cryptography scheme - based either on the probabilistic reconstruction of the secret image, or on different logical operations for combining shared images


Inclusion of pictures on the distributed shares


Contrast enhancement techniques


Color image visual cryptography


Cheating prevention


Alignment problems for image shares


Steganography and authentication

In the continually evolving world of secure image sharing, a growing number of people are becoming involved as new applications and business models are being developed all the time. This contributed volume gives academicians, researchers, and professionals the insight of well-known experts on key concepts, issues, trends, and technologies in this emerging field.


Describes the latest techniques, algorithms, and solutions for image sharing and visual cryptography


Provides extensive coverage of both theoretical aspects and practical applications of image sharing techniques


Explores new techniques for visual cryptography using random grids and contrast optimizations


Details recent advances in visual cryptography, including probabilistic schemes and colored image sharing techniques


Includes several application examples of image sharing for steganography and authentication

Additional material is available at the companion web site www.colorimageprocessing.org.

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